Parliamentary Committee lauds ONGC’s environment management efforts

The Department-Related Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests whole-heartedly lauded the efforts of ONGC towards management of environment.

Complimenting Sudhir Vasudeva, CMD, ONGC, T Subbarami Reddy, Chairman of the Committee said, “ONGC is doing phenomenal work in terms of environmental safety and security. ONGC’s concern and efforts towards environmental protection is exemplary. We highly appreciate the endeavours of ONGC in this regard.”

The committee was deeply impressed by ONGC’s CSR efforts in the domains of education, medical, sanitation, protecting the heritage monuments, support to self-help groups of women, promotion of the dying art & craft heritage like chanderi, etc.

In response to the committee members’ queries regarding pollution due to accidents in offshore, Vasudeva apprised the committee about the effective measures in place. Even if a rig is uprooted, there will not be any pollution as there are valves at every level. The equipment installed is tested and put in such a manner so as to make it fail safe since there is no margin for error.

The committee undertook a field visit on ONGC’s Heera Process Platform to ascertain for themselves the safety and security measures in place. The parliamentarians were given a presentation the environment management mechanisms and the green initiatives by the company. Some of the initiatives taken by the organization are large scale mangrove plantations in Gandhar, Uran & Nhava, Ringal Bamboo plantations in Nandadevi Biosphere, reuse of treated waste water, recycling of waste paper and in-house tree plantations.

The committee was also briefed about the operations of ONGC, especially in western offshore. Having learnt about the various aspects of ONGC operations, Dr Reddy remarked, “We have become spellbound by the magnitude of ONGC spectrum. The combination of tremendous command over technology with a meaningful contribution towards environmental safety and security is commendable. Above all, we highly appreciate the ONGCians' hard work, level of commitment and dedication to the cause of nation's energy security.”

B&S Asset

Bassein and Satellite Asset has started producing gas from the B-22 marginal field. The Asset is currently implementing the plan of Integrated Development of B-22 and B-193 Clusters. The four marginal fields in B-22 cluster and eight marginal fields in B-193 cluster are located in the Heera-Panna-Bassein Block of the Bombay Offshore Basin.

The B-22 field is a part of the B-22 cluster and it lies at about 60-70 km to the west of the coast of Mumbai at a water depth of about 70 m. The development scheme of B-22 field envisages exploitation of Gas from Mukta and Upper Bassein Formation and exploitation of oil from Lower Bassein Formation.

For better drilling and completion of the wells of B-22 cluster, geo-mechanical studies have been carried out leading to the smooth drilling of the wells and without any cost and time overruns.

Rajahmundry Asset

Rajahmundry Asset has sailed over the set targets of Oil, Gas and VAP for the Q2 and H1 of 2011-12 with ease. The Asset clocked 111.3% (153554MT) of oil against a target of 138006 MT and 103.1% (662 MMSCM) of gas against a target of 642 MMSCM.

On the VAP front, the Asset recorded healthy production figures. It produced 34674 MT against the target of 29301 MT and registered 118% of plant capacity utilization.

In comparison to the H1 of last fiscal the oil production has seen a significant jump. The Asset has produced 0.146MMt of oil in the last financial year (2010-11); in the current H1 it has produced 153554 MT. Similarly the VAP production has witnessed an uptrend. The H1 of last fiscal has seen a VAP production of 20500 MT while the current H1 witnessed 34674 MT.

Assam Asset

Assam Asset recently surpassed the set targets of Oil and Gas for the Q2 and H1 of 2011-12. The Asset achieved H1 Oil production target on September 26, 2011 with four days to spare, while H1 Gas production target on September 29, 2011 in one day advance.

But, the Asset languished on the Gas sales front mainly due to lack of consumers in this area. In consultation with Corporate Marketing, the Asset is seeking consumers for gas which is presently either flared or not being produced for want of consumers. On the development drilling front during Q2 Asset not only achieved 100% development drilling target by way of drilling 8 wells but also added one more feather in its cap by way of successful completion of second horizontal well RSDP_H in Rudrasagar field, which has started producing with oil rate of 37 m3/d.

Tripura Asset

Tripura Asset achieved Gas production and sale targets for the 2nd Quarter, 5 days in advance on September 25, 2011. During the period, Asset's gas production and sale was 155.714 MMSCM and 155.306 MMSCM against the MOU target of 145.109 MMSCM and 144.609 MMSCM respectively, registering 107.31% and 107.40 % achievement.

In comparison to the H1 of last fiscal, the gas production has seen a significant jump and achieved H1 gas target 15 days in advance on September 15, 2011.

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