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Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDI) was established on November 1, 1975 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Coal India Ltd. (CIL) to render consultancy services to CIL and its subsidiaries in the areas of coal exploration, mine planning & design, coal beneficiation & utilization, allied engineering services, and human resource development. Subsequently, CMPDI expanded its services to the areas of environmental engineering, information & communication technology, and laboratory & field services.

CMPDI is governed by its own Board of Directors, constituted by Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India. A full-time Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD), supported by four full-time functional Technical Directors and six part-time Directors including four part-time independent directors, constitute the Board of Directors of the Company.

It has authorized capital of ` 50 crores and paid-up capital of ` 19.04 crores. CMPDI operates through its corporate Headquarter at Ranchi (Jharkhand) and strategically located seven Regional Institutes (RI) at Asansol, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Nagpur, Bilaspur, Singrauli and Bhubaneswar to provide "door-step services" to the coal companies.

The major achievements and activities performed during last three years are:

> CMPDI conferred with the status of a Mini Ratna: Ministry of Coal, Government of India conferred the status of Mini Ratna (Category-II) to CMPDI in accordance with the provisions of the Department of Public Enterprise's (DPE's) guidelines vide Office Order No. F.No.38038/4/1997-CA-II dated 29th May, 2009. The Department of Public Enterprise's directions provide for grant of enhanced autonomy and delegation of powers to the profit making public sector enterprises (PSEs) as a policy objective, for making the public sector more efficient and competitive.

> CMPDI got excellent MoU rating from 2007-08 to 2009-10 and it got the Highest MoU rating with a Composite MoU Score of 1.0 (maximum) for the year 2009-10. CMPDI was also adjudged the 'Best performing Subsidiary Company of CIL' for the year 2008-09 as per MoU rating.

> Establishment of CMM/CBM Clearinghouse in India: To facilitate development of Coal Mine Methane, an India CMM/CBM Clearinghouse was established in CMPDI, Ranchi, Jharkhand in November 2008 at the instance of MoC under the aegis of MoC and USEPA. The clearinghouse is functioning as the nodal agency for collection and sharing of information on CMM/CBM related data of the country and help in the commercial development of CMM Projects in India by public/private participation, technological collaboration and bringing financial investment opportunities.

The clearinghouse has been established with financial support from Coal India Ltd. on behalf of Ministry of Coal and USEPA. A website of India Clearinghouse,, encompasses all the important information viz. EOI notifications, newsletters in addition to information regarding opportunities existing for development of CMM, VAM, etc.

> Mine Closure Plan: Under Environmental Protection Act, a company has to leave the mining site in a safe condition. Thus, mining companies have to prepare a Mine Closure Plan. A total of 427 Mine Closure Plans were identified to be prepared in CIL, out of which 95 nos. have been prepared during 2010-11 and balance 332 nos. of Mine Closure Plans are to be prepared during 2011-12. 162 nos. of Mine Closure Plans have been prepared during 2011-12.


> CMPDI has been awarded the Commendation Certificate of "SCOPE Meritorious Award for R&D, Technology Development & Innovation" for the year 2009-10 by the Panel of eminent Judges unanimously based on evaluation by International Management Institute (IMI). CMD, CMPDI, Shri A.K. Singh, received the award from H.E. President of India during a glittering ceremony of the Public Sector day on 11th April 2011 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

> Certificate of Excellence in Environment Management has been awarded to CMPDI by Hon'ble Minister of State (Coal & SPI) on the occasion of 35th CIL Foundation (1st November, 2010) at Kolkata.

> CMD, CMPDI Shri A.K. Singh was conferred with 'National Mineral Award - 2007' in the field of 'Mining Technology' by Hon'ble Minister of Mines at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 13th February 2009 for his outstanding contribution to mining industry.

> Rashtrabhasha Award: "Deshkaal Sampada", the in-house Hindi magazine of CMPDI, felicitated with 'Saraswat-Samarcha Samman' on 14th Sept.'08 at Allahabad by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.

MOU with other Agencies:

> MoU with Survey of India for Topographical Mapping: CMPDI has signed MoU with Survey of India on 14th July 2009 for preparation of updated topographical maps of 28 major Indian coalfields of India based on Remote Sensing technique. The Project will be jointly implemented by CMPDI & Survey of India and completed in 5 years at an estimated cost of `117 crores. Topographical survey of 28 coalfields on 1:5000 scale with 2 m contour interval is under progress.

Large scale digital topographical maps will be very useful for detail coal exploration, mine planning, infrastructure planning, railway siding for coal transportation, rehabilitation & resettlement and environmental management planning as well as integrated master planning of the coalfields. This is a major step taken up by CIL/CMPDI to expedite the coal exploration, mine planning, and environmental management.

> MoU with CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research): CMPDI, on behalf of CIL, signed a MoU with CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) for enhancement of capacity for coal core analysis at its designated laboratories at CIMFR, Dhanbad, NML, Jamshedpur and IMMT (Institute of Mineral and Material Technology, Bhubaneswar on 3rd Dec.'11. The MoU was signed by Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, CMD, CMPDI and Dr. Amalendu Sinha, Director, CIMFR.

CIL will provide a fund of ` 19.31 crore to CSIR labs for analysing 2,55,000m of coal cores over a period of three years. The fund will be utilised by CSIR labs for creating additional infrastructure and procurement of additional equipment to cater to the enhanced requirement of analysis of coal cores that will be generated due to increased pace of exploration.

> MOU with MECL: For meeting the enhanced coal exploration programme, a MoU was signed on 6th January, 2009 between CMPDI and MECL and exploration work involving 3.10 lakh metre of drilling in 7 blocks were awarded to MECL for taking up drilling at the rate of one lakh metre/annum.


> CMPDI was mandated to augment its drilling capacity to 4 lakh metre per annum during XI Plan, which has been achieved in the year 2009-10 in association with contractual agencies, in which year, the total meterage drilled was 4.70 lakh metre. Further it carried out 4.92 lakh metre of drilling in 2010-11 (highest in a year till date), a growth of about 135% over 2007-08 by adopting a multi pronged strategy viz. induction of new drills as replacement of old drills and engaging Govt. and Private agencies for exploration. This excludes the promotional drilling carried out by GSI and MECL.

> 58 Geological Reports have been prepared by CMPDI establishing about 7.54 Billion Tonnes of coal resources to the 'Proved category'.

> Under Promotional Exploration Programme, GSI and MECL have submitted 32 Geological Reports on coal blocks, estimating 13.4 Billion Tonnes of coal resources, mainly in 'Indicated' category.

> Four nos. of state-of-the-art Hi-tech Hydrostatic Drills have been procured and deployed for carrying out exploratory drilling.

> CMPDI achieved the peak productivity of about 1300 metre/drill/month which is the highest productivity of drills in the country for coring drilling. The average productivity of Hi-tech drills, introduced by CMPDI in 2009-10, has increased to 753 metre/drill/month in 2010-11 from 620 metre/drill/month in 2009-10.

Project Formulation:

100 nos. of Project Reports and Revised Cost Estimates for opencast and underground mines have been prepared by CMPDI during last three years with capacity addition of about 250 Mt per year. Some of the high capacity mines for which Project Reports have been prepared by CMPDI are Kusmunda OCP (50 Mty), Siarmal OCP (40 Mty), Bharatpur OCP Reorganisation (20 Mty), Lakhanpur OC Expn. Phase-III (20 Mty).

Financial Performance:

Turnover of CMPDI increased from ` 196 crore in 2007-08 to ` 429 crore in 2010-11 registering a growth of 119%. Similarly the Profit before Tax (PBT) increased from ` 5 crore in 2007-08 to ` 23.69 crore in 2010-11 registering a growth of 374%.

Induction of Manpower: Since 2008-09, CMPDI has inducted more than 600 personnel including 242 Management Trainees till December, 2011 in order to sustain its strength of professional manpower.

Clean Energy Initiatives

> Coalbed Methane Recovery and Commercial Utilisation Project: A UNDP/MOC/GEF funded Demonstration Project on Coalbed Methane (CBM) was successfully implemented at Moonidih Mine of BCCL in the State of Jharkhand. The successful implementation of the project has proved the efficacy of CBM production and its utilization process in Indian geo-mining conditions. The recovery of CBM gas from well started in May 2008 and the CBM based power generation commenced in June '08. The total power generated so far is 1.11 million units and the power is being utilized in the Moonidih colony.

> Collaborative development of CBM prospects in Jharia & Raniganj coalfields by the consortium of CIL & ONGC: CMPDI on behalf of CIL is pursuing development of CBM project in Jharia and Raniganj CBM blocks allotted to the consortium of CIL and ONGC. Consequent to the granting of Petroleum Exploration License (PEL) the envisaged committed work programme were taken up for evaluation of CBM resource. A development plan for commercializing Parbatpur Sector has been submitted to the Govt.

> Commercial development of UCG (Underground Coal Gasification) in CIL command area: CMPDI is in the process of selection of suitable developers to take up commercial development of UCG in two coal blocks viz. Kaitha Block, Ramgarh Coalfield (CCL Command Area) and Thesgora 'C' Block (WCL Command Area).

> Greenhouse Gas recovery from coal mines and unmineable coalbeds and conversion to Energy (GHG2E): CMPDI is one of the participating organisation alongwith IIT, Kharagpur from India in this multi-national/multi-organisational collaborative project, which has been approved under the partial funding scheme of European Union Research Commission. There are 11 participating organisations which include 2 from UK, 5 from China, 1 each from Slovakia and Slovenia and 2 from India.


Following major activities have been undertaken:

> Land Reclamation Monitoring of Mines through Remote Sensing

CMPDI, through, Coal India Limited has introduced a Satellite Surveillance System for monitoring of backfilling & reclamation of land for all the opencast mines producing more than 5 million cu. m. per annum of coal plus overburden (OB) together. During the year 2010-11, 50 coal mines (as per approved action plan) were mapped for land reclamation. Similar studies were also carried out during the year 2009-10 and 2008-09.

The above reports, based on satellite data, were uploaded in the website of CIL, CMPDI and respective coal companies in the public domain.

> Vegetation cover mapping of all the major coalfields at regular intervals of three years.

> Topographical Mapping of 28 coalfields on 1:5000 scale with 2m Contour interval in collaboration with Survey of India.

> Land use mapping of core and buffer zone of mining projects for EMP

> Site selection for Thermal Power Station in State of U.P, Punjab and Karnataka for CEA (MoP)

> OB check measurement in 43 OC mines using Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Construction of washeries by Coal India Ltd.:

In view of the policy decision by CIL to install integrated coal washery for all opencast mines producing 2.5 Mty and above, 20 nos. of coal washeries (coking & non-coking) has been identified to be set up in phase-I, in various subsidiaries, with a view to supply washed metallurgical and washed thermal coal to steel & power sectors other than those located at pit head. Of these, 2 nos. washeries will be set up on turn-key basis and 18 on Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM) basis. CIL/Subsidiary Companies of CIL would provide capital for construction of these washeries. CMPDI is providing support by way of preparing Conceptual reports and Bid documents for these washeries.

CMPDI carried out tests on coal samples collected from the mines of BCCL which have been categorized as Non-Linked Washery (NLW) coal. From the tests it was established that these coal could be utilized after washing for blending and preparation of steel grade coal. Based on the findings of CMPDI in 2008, BCCL was able to hike the price of NLW coal which has resulted in increasing the profit of BCCL in excess of ` 1000 crore & coming out of red. Five NLW coal washeries are being planned which will further enhance the profitability of BCCL.

Modernisation/Upgradation of Laboratories:

> Environment laboratories have been established at RI-V, Bilaspur and RI-VII, Balanda as well as capacities of Environment laboratories at HQ and RI-IV, Nagpur have been augmented.

> Laboratory testing facilities for resin and cement capsules were established at CMPDI which is approved by DGMS.

> Petrography and Chemical laboratories have been upgraded and upgradation of washery lab and geophysical lab is in progress.

Other Achievement:

> Preparation of Model Bid document for construction of washery on Built-Operate-Maintain (BOM) basis and preparation of Standardised global bid for Mass Production technology in underground mines were carried out. Model Bid document of washery will be of great help in speedy implementation of coal washery projects within XI plan period.

> CMPDI has made a significant achievement under its management system consultancy work. Consultancy services rendered by CMPDI have enabled NCL to become the first mining company in the World to achieve SA8000 certification at company level which includes all its operations and functions.

> CMPDI has successfully executed a critical assignment of setting up the central line alignment in the naval ships with Gyromat 3000 in the Mazgaon Dock of Indian Navy by CMPDI on 'no profit no loss basis'.

> E-Library has been established at CMPDI during 2008-09.

> CMPDI has published a book titled "CBM: A clean source of Energy" in Hindi which was released by Shri C.P. Singh, Hon'ble Speaker of Jharkhand Assembly on the occasion of closing ceremony of Hindi Fortnight on 30th Sept.'11.

Consultancy Services outside CIL:

Being the consultancy arm of CIL, its main objective is to provide consultancy services for CIL and its subsidiary companies. However, CMPDI has been providing consultancy services to organizations other than CIL not only in coal & lignite but also in other minerals viz. iron ore, rock phosphate, manganese, CBM, copper, etc. Its clientele includes National Development Corporation, Tanzania, Centre for Coal Utilisation, Japan, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., Steel Authority of India Ltd., Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd., Singareni Collieries Company Ltd., National Aluminum Company Ltd., Central Electricity Authority, Central Pollution Control Board, Manganese Ore (India) Limited, TATA Steel, Mahaguj Collieries Ltd., Essar Mineral Resources Ltd. (Mahan Coal Company), Adani Mining Pvt. Ltd., Larsen & Toubro, Indian Rare Earth Limited, various State Government(s), etc.

Major outside consultancy jobs obtained recently in non-coal sector are:

> Consultancy services inclusive of design and preparation of tender document for sinking of 7.5m dia shaft at Balaghat mines for M/s Manganese Ore (India) Ltd.

> Preparation of Mining Plan & Expansion Project Reports for enhancement of production from Balaghat, Gumgaon & Dongri mines for M/s Manganese Ore (India) Ltd.

> Delineation and preparation of corresponding Data Package & Information Dockets of CBM blocks proposed to be offered under CBM Round-V and Delineation and preparation of corresponding Data Package for prospective Shale gas blocks within Damodar Valley basin & Sohagpur Sedimentary basin for Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH).

> Scrutiny and finalization of design and drawings of proposed deepening of existing Production Shaft and Service Shaft of Khetri Mine and proposed shaft of Kolihan Mine and other related jobs of Crusher, Feeders, etc for Hindustan Copper Ltd.

> Preparation of EOI, Bid document and vetting of designs for construction, equipping and furnishing of new shaft for M/s Hutti Gold Mines Company Ltd.

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